Automated Shades

You Won't Have to Fiddle With Strings to Adjust These Shades

Get easy-to-adjust smart shades for your home in Cleveland, OH

Every time you raise or lower your shades, it's a little more of a chore. On top of that, you have to adjust them frequently to get the right lighting in your room. Fortunately, outmoded manual shades aren't your only option.

With the help of Intelligent Lighting Design, you can opt for smart shades. Our company in Cleveland, OH installs shades that:

Interface with your home's climate control system to provide ideal temperature regulation
Connect with your smart lighting system for easy control of natural and electric lighting
Can be raised, lowered or adjusted by just pressing a few buttons

Are you ready to replace your old rattletrap shades with hassle-free smart shades? Call 330-418-9223 today for a free estimate.

Discover the convenience of motorized shades

In addition to smart shades, our crew can install a variety of motorized shades. Motorized shades are available with many control options, including the use of remotes, voice commands and smartphone apps. Contact our company's owner now to find out about the variety of shades we can add to your home.